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Chicago Bulls + Elysia Marie

"She is Soulful, Energetic + Captivating"

Her soulful, edgy sound, capture the listeners quickly, and her captivating and energizing presence connects with everyone. Her warmth and vulnerability is what attracts the crowd, and her powerhouse vocals and phenomenal stage presence, get people on their feet!  

The unique thing about Elysia Marie, her personality and her songs, is that she gets rave reviews from multiple genres and demographics! She intersects between, soul, pop, country, blues, and rock! 

Get ready to invite her into your homes, and into your city!!  She is ready to meet you there. Once you meet, you won't be the same.  <3


More about Elysia Marie:

Elysia intersects everything she does to a larger purpose; and many of her songs exude empowering and uplifting messages that by the first verse have listeners intrigued, singing or dancing along, passionate, excited and ready to conquer life! & 100% of the time has them asking for more!!  

Her newest release "Strong And Beautiful" will premier in April, 2022. 

She has been featured live, in partnership with BIG 95.5 live show performance sequences, and other US and international radio playlists as well as local.  She recently partnered up with the Chicago Bulls to perform the National Anthem in front of a sold out stadium and is planning a special performance live of her newest upcoming single, Strong And Beautiful. 

She also recently performed for the Northwestern University annual Dance Marathon, which is the largest student run fundraising endeavor since 1975! This was Northwestern's very first LIVE show performance, where collectively more than $500k was raised to support a local Educational organization called "Chicago Youth Programs."  

Hundreds of people, students, community partners were dancing and singing along, to the upcoming single, "Strong And Beautiful" and by the chorus, it became an anthem, a chant that fueled fire and excitement!  

When you invest in Elysia as an artist, you are partnering with her to impact the world in a positive way and partner in something bigger than ourselves!  You are also bringing the people of music a guaranteed good time and significant community impact, for social justice, love and equality.

After listening to Elysia perform, you won't be the same! 


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